How can I protect myself?

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How can I protect myself?

SARS-CoV-2 is a highly contagious virus.
Only quarantine offers real protection. Therefore: STAY AT HOME!

There are now only 3 reasons to leave the house:

  1. Professional work that needs to be done.
  2. Shopping for everyday necessities, such as food and drugstore items.
  3. To help others who cannot help themselves.

You can go outside on your own to do sport. If you meet someone outside, keep as much distance as possible. 3 meters can be a guideline.

If you have to be outside, e.g. to go shopping, follow the following rules as best you can:
Don't touch your face: It is almost impossible not to touch your face, we do it all the time. But we rub the viruses into our mucous membranes.
Wash your hands "thoroughly" with soap when you come home. Warm water and soap are very good for washing viruses from your hands. Excessive use of disinfectants can be harmful to the skin and dry it out. Hand disinfectants can be an alternative for travel. However, it should be noted that while soap and water are used to wash away the viruses, the disinfectant must destroy the viruses in order to be effective. Look for the note virucidal or limited virucidal on your disinfectant.
But the most important principle in public space is to keep your distance! That's how you protect yourself and others!!!

Isn't that a bit excessive?

the corona pandemic is often dismissed as a wave of influenza. But the virus is not only more deadly, it is also much more contagious. This can easily be illustrated with a small calculation:
If you get infected with the normal flu, you will infect an average of 1.3 to 1.4 persons. These in turn will again infect 1.3 to 1.4 more people. If we repeat this 10 times, one original infection will result in 14 to 30 further infections. The coronavirus now is highly infectious: each infected person infects on average 3 more. This doesn't sound like much, but after 10 iterations, from one original infection, not 30 are infected as in the flu, but 59,000.
To calculate:
1.310 = 13.9
1.410 = 28.93
2.010 = 1024
3.010 = 59049